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CSET Test Prep Options

Need help preparing for the CSET?  Whether you’re taking the CSET Multiple Subjects exam or CSET Single Subject Mathematics, Science, Social Science, or English, there are many great CSET Test Prep options available.  Below are some of the options offered by Teachers Test Prep, as well as resources available from Pearson (the official testing company).

Take a free full-length CSET practice test on the Teachers Test Prep website (includes diagnostic report).

Free Full-length CSET Tests

View a free overview study guide, which provides a concise, bullet-pointed listing of all the key topics on your exam.

Free CSET Study Guides

See if online prep is right for you… watch free videos covering key subject matter for your CSET exam.

Free CSET Sample Videos

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Online CSET Test Prep

Teachers Test Prep, which specializes in credentialing exam preparation, offers a number of free and paid Online CSET Test Prep resources.  Free materials include online "overview" study guides and interactive, full-length practice tests with personalized diagnostics.  Paid programs include engaging, in-depth CSET Test Prep videos, virtual tutoring, and more.

Pearson Education, the company that administers the CSET exams, also offers a number of Official Online Preparation Resources, including Official Test Guides, which provide content specifications outlining each test’s subject matter and also include practice tests with scoring info.

CSET Prep Classes

Teachers Test Prep offers CSET Prep Classes held at colleges and other convenient locations throughout Northern and Southern California.  These classes are typically held on weekend and evenings, and teach all the key subject matter knowledge needed to pass each CSET exam, as well as the strategies and insights needed to effective apply that knowledge on test day.

CSET Tutoring

Teachers Test Prep’s team of professional educators provide one-on-one CSET Tutoring both in-person in select areas throughout the state, as well as live online from anywhere.  Online sessions use webcam video sharing, audio, and a virtual slide show and whiteboard, so tutors and clients can collaborate in the same ways they would when meeting in person.  The web-tutoring interface is easy to use, and requires no special equipment or technical knowledge, just a standard web browser.

CSET Study Guides

If you prefer to study on your own, there are are a number of quality CSET Study Guides on the market.  Look for well-known brands like Cliffs, Kaplan, and Princeton Review, among others, in bookstores or on Amazon.com.  You will find numerous options available for the CSET Multiple Subjects exam, but typically fewer choices for CSET Single Subject exams (though several options do exist).

Teachers Test Prep also offers free Overview CSET Study Guides online, which provide a concise, bullet-pointed listing of all the key topic that may appear on your exam.  These are an excellent resource to help ensure you are studying the right material and making the best use of your study time.

Want to learn more about the free and paid CSET test prep options available?  Watch the short video below!

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