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CSET Mathematics Exam

Below are selected CSET Mathematics Practice Test questions from various areas of the exam.

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CSET Mathematics Subtest 2 Practice Test Question:

The cosecant of angle X = 3.  What is the tangent of X?


A.  1/3

B.  √8 / 3

C.  √8 / 8

D.  √8

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CSET Mathematics Subtest 3 Practice Test Question:

What is                                    ?

A.    2

B.    1

C.    0

D.    ∞

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CSET Mathematics Subtest 1 Practice Test Question:

Find all the real roots of

3X4 + X3 – 9X2 + 3X + 2

A.  (-1, 1/3, 2)

B.  (-2, -1/3, 1)

C.  (1, 3/2, 3)

D.  (-3, -3/2, 1)

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